Hi! + Season 4 on DVD

December 11, 2008

Hi guys! I know I haven’t been on for a long time and there’s a reason, my computer broke. It’s very unfortuanate beacause all of my Lost backgrounds, icons and other things were lost (no pun inteneded). This also includes the makings of Lost: The Forgotten Story Ep. 2, also known as IL Lost or Interactive Lands Lost movie.

Good news, Lost Season 4 is on DVD in time for the holidays! At amazon.com, it’s only $36.99 for normal DVD and $49.99 for Blu-Ray. It also comes with Super Saving Shipping if selected, which is where shipping is absolutely free.  The disks include all Season 4 episodes, deleted scenes, bloopers and more.

Lost - The Complete Fourth SeasonLost - The Complete Fourth Season



Lost - The Complete Fourth Season



August 21, 2008

Ok guys, I haven’t posted anything in  long time. I need new writers because I’m too busy to do all of this. Comment or send me an e-mail at santofan967@aol.com. Please oh please!


July 29, 2008

Oh my Jacob, I got back from Colorado- anyone know if Carlton Cuse and Damon Lindelof live there? So many lost things….ok first off and wierdest of all I was eating in a resturant and when I’m leaving I turn around and notice something on the wall- half of a octagon. Now you may say it’s just an octagon but it had those same kind of lines as the DHARMA signs. Then on the road, I noticed a sign saying: MILE 108. 108 are the number of minutes on the hatch counter and it’s the sum of 4,8,15,16,23,42. THEN, I see another thing- the next day eating in a resturant a man looks A LOT like Christian Shepard except skinnier and a bit older. Then once again I see that MILE 108 thing, then I was looking at mailboxes with people’s addresses- everyone one had a ‘number’ like 45565, 84432, 54254, 23967, 41587, 76164,- FREAKY. Then there’s about a zillion other things but I forgot them.

Smilies work now?

July 19, 2008

Just checking because it looks like smilies work now… 🙂 😛 😀 😉 😦

…and gone, AGAIN!!!….

July 19, 2008



OK, I know I keep pn leaving and I’m not posting much but I’m busy getting ready for vacation and all that other stuff so I apoligize for my absence. I’m leaving on the 21st until the 28th (for the nosy, I’m going to Colorado). But, since this is a dry season of LOST I decided for each dry season I’ll re-watch all the episodea of the season, 1 a day and post some pics and a review of it and post what my thoughts were when I first saw it so PLEASE POST WHICH SEASON YOU WOULD LIKE TO SEE REVIEWED- S1,S2,S3 (I PREFER S2 🙂 ) SO WHEN I COME BACK I’LL BE ABLE TO KNOW WHICH ONE TO DO, THANKYOU. So goodbye to everyone in IL,Jiyeon,Izi, Ryan and Brian, blueeyedlightning and whoever else visits this website! ? Also, when I get back I’m going to turn back to hatch computer PLEASE ALSO LEAVE A COMMENT ON WHICH YOU LIKE BETTER- HATCH COMPUTER OR OCEANIC. I do realize this website and many others are slow to do peoples vacations so don’t expect TOO much traffic- maybe 10 views a day, I don’t know i haven’t really recorded it yet. Goodbye everyone for the next week!

Ji Yeon Meaning

July 14, 2008



Hey there, just noticed that JiYeon left a comment on Ji Yeon post of that episode remember when Sun had her baby and Jin needed a panda? Well, this woman I think (sorry, no offense) says her name is Ji Yeon and that it means “intelligent lotus flower”. I’m sure people have looked this up and know the meaning but I didn’t so thankyou JiYeon!